Frequently Asked Questions About Liposonix Treatments At The NYC Doctor's Office

Below are the most commonly asked questions that the NYC Liposonix Doctor receives pertaining to Liposonix treatments. Please feel free to phone the NYC Doctor, Sue Decotiis, MD  or email with any questions that you may have pertaining to this nonsurgical fat reduction and body sculpting treatment.

Free Liposonix treatment consultations at the NYC triple Board Certified Doctor's Office: phone (917) 261-3177.

How is the Liposonix® treatment different from other fat reduction products/procedures? Unlike some other fat reduction or body sculpting procedures that often require multiple treatments to see results, with the Liposonix® treatment, you can reduce your waistline, reduce your fat, and sculpt your body by an average of 1 inch (2.5 cm), or about one dress or pant size, with a single one-hour treatment.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for LipoSonix nonsurgical fat reduction treatments? The NYC Doctor treats both men and women with Liposonix. You should be able to pinch at least an inch of fat in your area  that you want the Liposonix treatment performed. If you have less than an inch of fat you probably do not require a Liposonix fat reduction treatment.

What does the Liposonix treatment feel like? Some of the NYC Liposonix Doctor's patients
experience mild discomfort (@ 20). During the treatment, you may feel cold, prickling, tingling, warmth, discomfort, or pain - it varies from patient to patient. Please let the doctor know if you have an extremely low pain tolerance. If this is the case the doctor may prescribe you a pain medication to take before and after treatment. After the Liposonix treatment some patients report to having temporary redness, mild bruising, and swelling. The discomfort should only last a day. If you have discomfort post procedure the doctor may prescribe mild pain medication.

How does the Liposonix® treatment work? High-intensity ultrasound energy is focused on the targeted fat. Skin is not damaged as targeted fat beneath the skin is permanently destroyed by the ultrasound energy. The technology is safe and FDA approved to eliminate fat. The fat that is eliminated is destroyed forever. The body naturally removes the destroyed fat from the treatment area through the natural elimination process.

What kind of results can I expect from Liposonix and how fast will I see results? The current medical studies absolutely show an average decrease in fat from the waist to be of 4.6 cm or 1.8 inches after 3 months. This is essentially a little bit more than one pant or dress size. Many of the NYC Liposonix Doctor's patients see results much quicker then 3 months.

Are their any side effects?  Their is very little if any pain post treatment - this again differs from patient to paint. You may resume normal activities after the Liposonix treatment.

Will I need to do anything after the Liposonix treatment? You don’t need to do anything different post treatment. There is no special post-care required because the procedure is non-invasive, The NYC Liposonix doctor recommends that you maintain the same diet and active lifestyle before treatment – if not better!

Please contact the NYC Liposonix Treatment Doctor for more information about Liposonix Fat & Reduction & Body Sculpting or if you would like to make a complimentary Liposonix cellulite  consultation.

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